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Shop strategy post

Shop strategy post

I own a video-club and I want to promote it using the tools that social networks can bring me. Furthermore social networks are a trend concept nowadays. A lot of people use them and there are more and more brands that use social networks in order to promote their business. Web pages and other internet´s tools are sometimes used for the same porpouse: Improving and promoting businesses. So I will use them for that porpouse too. Continue reading


Blog´s Code of conduct

Blogger´s code of conduct

The aim of this post is to talk about some codes of conduct bloggers should have. I have read some interesting articles about this theme: “Call for a blogger´s code of conduct”, “Draft blogger´s code of conduct” and “Code of conduct: Lessons learned so far” by Tim O´Reilly. This theme have came across because there has happened several issues related to blogs which have unfair comments. There are a lot of examples where we can see agreements between bloggers who have finished their argument telling bad words to each other. There are other problems related to blogs or to how to write quality blogs. Continue reading