Blog´s Code of conduct

Blogger´s code of conduct

The aim of this post is to talk about some codes of conduct bloggers should have. I have read some interesting articles about this theme: “Call for a blogger´s code of conduct”, “Draft blogger´s code of conduct” and “Code of conduct: Lessons learned so far” by Tim O´Reilly. This theme have came across because there has happened several issues related to blogs which have unfair comments. There are a lot of examples where we can see agreements between bloggers who have finished their argument telling bad words to each other. There are other problems related to blogs or to how to write quality blogs.

Here there are some tips or advices to manage your blog or to make a comment in a blog:

We have to be careful with our comments and of the comments we allow in our blog, because we are responsible of them. We should not comment or allow comments which are used to abuse or threaten others or which are misrepresenting another person. We also should not allow comments which violate the privacy of others. Moreover, racists, homophobic, sexist, etc comments should be radically turned away. Some problems of making bad comments disappear are that whole the conversation will no longer be understandable. Some bloggers have make solutions to this by instead of making the comments disappear, just hide them from the people sight. If anyone wants to see the whole conversation he should follow some steps marked by the blog owner. This, allow the blog to be clear of unfair comments and alos allow it to have full conversations.

As I have said before we have to be aware of what we comment in our blog or in other´s blog because we should have in mind that we should not comment what we would not say in person. Virtual conversations do not allow us to be less respectful or tactful.

Furthermore, if there is an argument between two or more people in your blog you should contact them individual and try them to solve their problem outside your blog. If one of those bloggers, who have argue in your blog, has attack others in a unfairly way you should contact him outside the blog and tell them you will not allow more actions like that. In these situations you should take action quickly and hardly.

In order to solve mostly the problem of bad words, racist comments, unfairly attacks, etc in your blog you should not allow anonymous comments in your blog. It is known that people use to be less respectful or “brave” if they are anonymous or if the people cannot know who they are. Also it is important to ignore nasty or unfair comments about your blog. If you respond them you will encourage them to continue attacking you. However, if those comments are similar to the ones I have said before (racist, homophobic, does not respect the privacy, etc) you should turned them away. There are some discussions about the matter of the anonymity. Everybody agree that anonymity is dangerous but some people think that it also can bring us constructive comments from people who because of determinate reasons has to invent a pseudonym in order to not be recognized.



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