Shop strategy post

Shop strategy post

I own a video-club and I want to promote it using the tools that social networks can bring me. Furthermore social networks are a trend concept nowadays. A lot of people use them and there are more and more brands that use social networks in order to promote their business. Web pages and other internet´s tools are sometimes used for the same porpouse: Improving and promoting businesses. So I will use them for that porpouse too.

Social networks allow you also to perform your digital identity.As I have read here “Ten simple steps to create and manage your professional online identity”. Nowadays digital identity can let other people know a lot of information about you, so you have to be aware of what your digital identity shows about you. Digital identity repesents you in the internet, it is a current way of being known. Due to this there are several digital identities depending on the use you are going to give to it. If you are going to look for information or do simple things on the internet, you do not need to be much aware of your digital identity. Whereas, if you use Internet as a way of improving your business or as a way of becoming famous, you should perform a good and also real digital identity. It also provides you a digital reputation, which is an important current concept in the current society. In te real life you have a reputation and the same happens in the internet, so if you have a correct digital identity you will not have problem to improve your digital reputation. Digital reputation is a key concept in promoting business. Another key concept related to promoting business on the internet, is Personal Branding. This referst to the development of the value of our brand or shop. Through personal branding we configure how our shop is thought by others. It helps us to create a personal relation between our shop and us. If our shop is successful everybody who knows it will even know that we are a loyal or efficient person with clients. And also in the other way if anybody knows us as an efficient person he/she will think about our shop as a good option to consume.

I decided to use Twitter to advertise and promote my video-club using Twitter, which is very popular between teens and adults nowadays. As I have read in some articles like: “Usos de Twitter para empresas” and “Diez usos de Twitter para promocionar tu negocio”
. Twitter allows you to be in touch with people from the same business spheres as you. Moreover with Twitter you can mark information that you want to be known. You can also attract new clients easily advertising special offers. Twitter has a useful characteristic which allows people to comment and make opinions about your shop. Furthermore Twitter makes us to be more in touch with our clients so we improve their loyalty to our business.  Appart from Twitter there are other tools that internet can brings us to promote our shop. For example, as I have read in “Consejos para tu negocio en Internet y los buscadores”, a succesful optio is to create a personal web page about your shop, where you can show the products you offer or also you can add a site where clients can make complaints about your shop or ask you questions. Furtheremore, another useful social network that can helt you to advertise your shop is the Blog.

Moreover, it is useful also to see other shops twitter, websites or blogs in order to know how other shops are promoting themselves and follow some of their steps. As I have seen in the web page of a videoclub near to my house, called Videoclub Alien. Firstly it is recommendably to show in your webpage the upcomming films, show alos de Logo of your shop, put the localitation of the shop in order to let the possible clients know where it is. Secondly, this videoclub show special offerts like 2X1 on hiring films and has created a site where the clients can write their opinions or contact with the staff of the shop.

The strategy I will follow is to let the possible clients to know news about my shop by tweets or using my website. For example: All the upcoming films will be posted in Twitter in order to let the people know they will be able to hire them. I will also make special offers like hiring two films by the price of one. Furthermore every Friday I make a meeting about films of a specific theme so that to encourage people to hire people related with the theme so I will post in Twitter about what are going to be those meetings to inform the people. I will agregate on Twitter the people who consume a lot in my video-club and also I will create lists with them. I will give more specific information to those usual clients in order to maintain them informed. Continuing with the other sources I will use to promote my shop. I will create a web site of my shop where people can see the Logo of my business, people also will be able to see what films have special prizes, the upcoming films and several offers I will make. Moreover, I will upload the tittle of all the films that are possible to be hired in my video-club. I will divide the album of films into the different kind of films themes, Terror, Comical, Science Fiction, etc, in order to facilitate the clients the search of a film. In my web page there will be also a special site where clients can write their opinions or complaints about my shop. Moreover, in this website I will put another site where people who have hired more than 25 films in a month can participate in a raffle. The winner of this raffle will win a las generation Television. I will check my shop´s web page every day and I wil, update it every week. Internet it is a great window through which a lot of people can see how my videoclub is and how it works so I will to use it a lot in order to have a good view on the internet.

The world is changing day per day and all of we should follow Its steps in order not to be out of the relevant spheres. Internet is advancing and progressing very quickly and it provides more and more tools and facilities that can help you with your business, (and with many other things). Web pages, social networks and much more tool that internet brings us are helpfull to improve our shop sells and fame so we should not avoid those opportunities.



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