WCPlan Introductory Post

Diario Público

The aim of this report is to analyze the Newspaper, called Diario Público. How it promote itself in the internet and what social networks it uses for it. Nowadays, mostly every newspaper, magazines, brands, etc; use the internet and it tools to promote themselves or to gain more clients. A lot of people spend more than 5 hours per week looking on the internet, so these brands advertise themselves on it or create web pages and accounts on the most common social networks. Nowadays it is very common to read a newspaper or a magazine by using it web page or just reading its tweets. It is clear that some internet tools as blogs, web pages, social networks, forums are getting more and more famous or used between people, mostly between teens. Moreover, every brand which wants to prosper nowadays should be integrated with the internet and its tools.

imagenAs I have said before this report is going to analyze how Diario Público uses the internet and its tools. Firstly, Diario Público has created its own web page. In its webpage it is possible to read the news without paying anything. Having a web page allows the newspaper to publish the last news easily without having to wait until the next day. The news from the web page can contain videos or images in order to improve the news’s quality. The web page it is divided into different categories depending on the content of its news. We can find news about general opinions, politics, sports, etc. In the Diario Público´s web page there is the option of following it in several social networks, like Twitter, Facebook and Tuenti. It is also possible to publish or make reference of its news using Google Plus, Twitter and RSS.

This newspaper has created a Twitter account. Trough this social network this newspaper let people toimagen 2 read its new free by publishing them by tweets. In these tweets Público can add photographs or link to its own web page. Diario Público has also created an account on Facebook  and also has created one on Tuenti, you can follow them on Tuenti through Diario Público´s web page. In addition, having accounts in these social networks facilitates the newspaper to catch more readers. Other advantage social networks brings is that members from the social network can comment on your publications so everyone who follows the Diario Público on Facebook, Tuenti or Twitter can comments every new. The newspaper´s news will contain opinions of the people making so more interactive the reading. This newspaper has also its own Opinion Blog, where it is possible to read the news but also read blogs from the newspaper writers. This platform is mostly focused on showing the blogs of people who belong to the Diario Público. In those blogs they allow people to read their Opinion Articles and to comment or make an opinion about them.

As I have said, mostly every brand which wants to prosper or follow the trend should create accounts on these social networks or be integrated in all these tools that internet brings us. These tools allow brands to be more popular between the populations and also to have other forms of earn money by the publicity advertised on the internet. It is clear that Internet and its tools can bring the brands a lot of advantages.



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